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Here at Aligned with Joy we are passionate about helping you to achieve the lifestyle that you want to have. If a health issue is stopping you from enjoying life to the full, then we are here to help. With over 40 years in the health professions and getting people back to health we can help you with almost any ache or pain, wear and tear, headache, migraine, low back pain, sciatica, arthritis and more. If your doctor has told you “you need to learn to live with it”, here at Aligned with Joy we aim to give you hope that we can get you back to doing the things that you are passionate about.

McTimoney alignment is a straight forward method of adjusting the bones of the body to maintain the correct alignment of your spine and pelvis, to ensure that your body's nerve supply works efficiently. The gentle nature of the McTimmoney adjustment makes it suitable for everyone from the very young, to the very old, and every age in between. Joy uses only her hands to perform the adjustments with speed, dexterity and accuracy.

We want to help you resolve your health issues, and that means seeking out for you, products that could help you achieve that. We are not interested in having you come back time and time again to see us, (although we would love it if you saw us as part of your health routine and preventative care,) we want you to get out there and start living life!

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Nerve Chart

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Misalignment and Degeneration

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Disclaimer: I do not hold myself out to be, or call myself, a chiropractor, chiropractic practitioner, chiropractitioner, chiropractic physician, or an other kind of chiropractor, either explicitly or by implication. I am no longer a registered chiropractor, with the GCC, having removed myself from the register in 2017.