McTimoney Alignment Care in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time of great change for your body. Some women experience a range of issues  during their pregnancy. Misalignments in the pelvis and spine give lead to back pain. As the ligaments soften in preparation for birth,increased movement in the joints of the pelvis can lead to pain and discomfort increasing around the pelvic girdle. Being aligned using the gentle method of McTimoney adjustments, corrects the strain patterns on the ligaments and the pain is either addressed or dramatically reduced. Joy completed extra post graduate training in  pregnancy care to understand the biomechanics as it relates to pregnancy and the techniques are carefully selected. These techniques are gentle and the comfort of the mother is always paramount and will be adapted to suit each patient.

If you have had a history of neck and back problems, you may find they return during pregnancy. A regular maintenance schedule of treatments may offer comfort for the duration of your pregnancy. Joy recommends regular treatment throughout your pregnancy,as your body changes to cope with your growing baby and prepares for birth.

Following the birth, Joy offers a FREE post natal check-up to check that everything has returned to the correct alignment, to those who chose to have care throughout their pregnancy. This is generally after the 6 week check-up with the GP, although if pain is a problem post-birth before the 6 week point, individual treatment may be considered.

Joy has also undertaken training with the NCT to become an ante-natal teacher although she does not currently teach classes.