About Joy 

Joy Gill MCSS   RGN (Rtd)

Our Consultant McTimoney Practitioner, Joy, has vast experience in the health professions. She started her training as a Nurse in 1980, and worked for 20 years both in the NHS, and abroad. In 1993 she started her complementary therapy training, and gained qualifications in massage & aromatherapy before going on in 1994 to start her training at the McTimoney College in Oxford. She qualified in 1998, and immediately opened up The Joy of Chiropractic Clinic, the McTimoney Way in Trowbridge, Wilts.

Joy relocated to Ayr in South West Scotland in 2007, where she set up A Joy of Health and has now completed over 10 years as a McTimoney Practitioner in Scotland .  Joy's philosophy is that the body is a self healing organism which requires optimal spinal alignment to express optimal health. Joy believes that by listening to what the physical body is saying, then we can work out what the Soul is trying to say, to bring about health and harmony in the individual. In 2019 Joy started to train in Upledger CranioSacral Therapy. In October 2023 Joy attended the Advanced 1 course in Somerset. She has completed CST courses on the Immune System, The Cranial Nerves and travelled to Athens to attend the Paediatric 1 course. Joy assisted as a TA in Perth in Sept 2023 for CST1, and has also been a TA in Prestwick on 2 introductory workshops. She plans to travel to Ireland in Feb 2024 to assist there. Joy is a member of the Cranio Sacral Society

At the end of 2017 Joy took the decision to voluntarily de-register from the GCC. Joy has studied with Rev Jude Wills in Mystical Healing and was part of the Mystic Healing Community, which embodies the spiritual aspect of health, as well as the physical.She rebranded in 2020 as a result of the lockdown, or Spring Retreat @ Home as she preferred to call it to "Aligned with Joy".

Joy has a special interest in working with pregnant women and children. See in the drop down menu "Treatments"

As an adoptee, Joy understands how being separated from their mother, a baby's nervous system develops in a unique way. They are often labelled as having ADHD, ADD or a number of other personality disorders which she believes is a reaction to the trauma which occurs at or around birth.  Adoptees require someone who understands the effects of relinquishment at birth. Joy is ACE Aware and trauma informed and adoptee trauma informed. In Sept 2023 Joy attended the ACEAware Nation day in Glasgow with Gabor Mate guest speaker on his Gabor Immersive 23 tour.