Privacy Policy

Here at Aligned with Joy we appreciate how important your privacy is and recognise that we are being trusted with protecting it, so the purpose of this privacy notice is to give you a clear explanation about how we collect and use your personal data.

The data we collect, is to ensure the smooth running of Aligned with Joy (the provider) and to be able to communicate with those who contact us, for treatment.

The data we hold includes:



Telephone number Landline and or mobile


Date of Birth

Full record card with record of medical history and treatment history with the provider.

None of our data is held electronically, it is all on hand-writen notes, quaint I know, but far less risk of being hacked. This information is held in locked cupboards within the premises, and only the daily record cards are taken out on a daily need basis.

You may request a copy of your record card. A charge will be payable before a copy will be made and sent to you.

We only contact you for 1 of the following reasons

  • 1 You contacted us requesting an appointment

  • 2 You contacted us to discuss a matter

  • 3 You failed to turn up for a scheduled appointment without warning

  • 4 We need to change your appointment (this only happens in an emergency situation. We plan our holidays well in advance to avoid un-necessary rearrangements to your diary)

  • 5 We add treatments to our availability which we feel may benefit you