Bergamot Brings Sunshine to Winter Blues

Over the past 2 years, the most common word that comes up from my clients in clinic, after the C word, is Anxiety. People are anxious about the future for themselves, their family, both children and the older generation, their jobs and therefore income, as a few of the things they are anxious about. This is compounded at this time of year with the days still being short. We are getting up in the dark, and if we are leaving home to go to work, the chances are by the time we leave work it is dark again. One of the positives to come out of working from home is that we can get out into the daylight, even if it is only in the garden.

Seasonal affective disorder is a real issue this time of year with the lack of sunlight. I used to suffer with it, and then I discovered Bergamot essential oil. It was described to me by my tutor as a mood elevator, so I decided to try using it on a regular basis in January, and to my surprise it worked. I no longer succumb to SAD.

But Bergamot oil does so much more than that. It has been studied quite extensively as this entry into National Institute of Health resource show, titled Efficacy of bergamot: From anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative mechanisms to clinical applications as preventive agent for cardiovascualr morbidity, skin disease and mood alterations.

I am not going to try and break down every single point it makes, but if you have any questions on it, please head over to @alignedwithjoy on facebook and ask.