Easing Panic Attacks and Anxiety in Children with Essential Oils.

Last week over on my facebook page Aligned with Joy, I was discussing the essential oils that are obtained from trees: Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood amongst them, and and how can we forget my favourite, Sandalwood.

One of the properties that these oils have in common is that they are of a sedating nature, which is due to a chemical constituent or 2 which is a sesquiterpene. An oil that has sesquiterpenes in it, will be calming in it's effect. Researchers in Vienna and Berlin discovered that this natural compound which is found in these oils that I've mentioned, as well as others, can actually increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28%, therefore increasing the learning capacity and concentration levels. In a study on 11-12 year olds diagnosed with ADHD, it was noticed that both the oils and the relaxation effect actually improved the children's concentration level, had a positive effect on their ability to stay calm and helped them recover from upsets quicker, making disruptions in the classroom better for everyone. A blend using 5 essential oils was used. I would argue and say that an ideal blend would include three oils, one top, one middle and one base note to ensure a balanced blend. The combination helped to ease panic attacks and feelings of anxiety in the group of children.

In clinic I regularly see children with a wide range of neurodiversity and combine craniosacral treatment with aromatherapy which their parents say they adore.

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The sense of smell is a very powerful one, as it links directly into the limbic system and the brain. That is why when you smell a scent that reminds you of a time long past, you get a sense of almost being back in the place where the memory formed. I know for me the smell of freshly cut grass takes me right back to August Bank Holiday Monday and the family day that my dad's employers put on.

Effects of essential oils on the nervous system

I have just received a delivery of roller ball bottles. They are just 10 mls in size. I am looking to send some testers out to the first 5 people who comment on my facebook page. All I ask in return is that you give me back some feedback. I need to go through some basic questions to make sure that your skin type is ok to put oils on the pulse points of the wrists, and the effect that you are hoping that the blend will give you. I will be looking to sell them at cost price which will include 10 mls oil with essential oils blended P&P. Message me if you want to give this a try.