Juniper and MSG

Many moons ago, when i was young and in my 20's, I had a boyfriend who was a doctor. I know I was a nurse and he was a doctor, who'd of thought, but anyway that's what we were a doctor and nurse couple. Going off piste here but we met in Southend, home of "your flexible friend" if anybody reading this remembers those adverts for a certain credit card that had it's HQ in Southend so that's where we told people we worked, when we went on holiday. You have no idea what people try and show you on the beach in Torremolinos when they hear your occupation. Kev and Sandra from Southend's biggest employer was much easier.

Anyway doctor Mark and I liked to eat out quite a bit, and on his salary we could afford to. At some point in our relationship, he moved to Birmingham to work at a hospital there and we ate a lot in the restaurants in the city. Now the odd thing was that whenever I was with him, I would feel tired and lethargic, almost hungover but I drank very little, I was always happy to be the designated driver. I wondered whether I was happy with him as my mood and energy levels were definitely affected when i was with him, or so it seemed.

Come forward 5 years, I had been out to Australia and returned to the UK. Doctor Mark and I had gone our separate ways, but we met up in Birmingham, and for old times sake we headed into China town for a meal. Well the next day, the old sluggish, tired hungover feelings returned. And I thought "It's the MSG in the food we had eaten".

By this time I was a qualified aromatherapist, so I looked out my bottle of Juniper oil and used it that morning in the shower. Bingo! Feelings went. From then on, I always used Juniper ahead of eating Chinese food and no more sluggish tired feelings anymore. It also works for alcohol. Although taking more water with it also helps.

So were you right with this weeks Tuesday teaser?