Juniper, more than just an Ingredient in Gin

Yesterday I posted my first Tuesday Teaser on my facebook page @alignedwithjoy, something that I plan on doing throughout 2022. My plan is to reveal the oil on Wednesday in my Wednesday Wellness blog post.

So the first clue was "Known for it's detoxifying properties. Made from the berries of the plant, used during the plague, and the plant was mentioned in the Bible" can you guess?

It's Juniper Juniperus communis Well done if you guessed from the clues. No prizes sorry.

Having been quailfied since 1993, it amazes me how much evidence there is out there for the vast range of symptoms that essential oils and plant extracts can help with, and yet we hear very little about it from our health service providers. Wouldn't we have an awesome health system if they taught us how we could be healthy and treat ourselves, rather than rely on getting an appointment with a GP which is as rare as hen's teeth in some instances.