Lavender The Ultimate First Aid Oil

Lavender essential oils is probably one of the most researched and had the most scientific articles written about it, out of all the essential oils there are. Probably because it is one of the most versatile oils, having so many properties and also because it was the oil that started the "aromatherapy" industry off with Professor Gattefosse.

Every house should have a bottle or two, in the same way that we have been brought up to have calpol or aspirin in the medicine cabinet. I would even go as far to say that lavender would probably be far more useful with less harmful side effects.

As shown by Prof Gattefosse, it is excellent for minor burns. After carrying out first aid on any minor burn, and I am talking irons and cookers here, you can apply lavender oil neat to the burn as long as the skin is intact, after cooling it with cool to warm water, not cold. If you are at all worried about the burn, consider the rule of 9, which is a scale of burn depending on the depth and position on the body that is burned. Also check the NHS website for how to deal with burns.

If it is minor then lavender oil is ideal for taking the pain away and helping it to heal.
Take a bottle on holiday and add it to the aftersun lotion to help take the sting out of sunburn.

Many people will tell you that they use lavender oil on their pillow or on a diffuser or burner in the evenings before the go to bed, to help them sleep. A few drops on the pillow, or on the sheet under the pillow to avoid the eyes, and the chances are you'll fall asleep in minutes. It may help to take deep breaths to get the oil right into the system, to help you off to the land of nod.

That's 2 good reasons why every house should have a couple of bottles of lavender essential oil. Then there's the analgesic, pain killing property that it has for all things, arthritic, sprains, strains, sport's injuries and more.

On the immune front it is anti-septic and anti-viral, great for using in cleaning products to keep surfaces clean, as well as in burners or diffusers. Use in a bath, or oil or lotion to help with winter coughs and colds. Remember them?

I could go on. This post was really to cover the burns aspect as mentioned in the Tuesday Teaser yesterday.

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Here is a link to articles that have been written on Lavender and the Nervous System

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Perineal trauma (tha't's trauma in childbirth) and lavender oil.

As I said at the beginning of this post. lavender oil is the most widely researched essential oil on the market. If you read any of thos elinks you will find many many more. This is just to give you an idea of what has been written on it.