Loss of Smell aka Anosmia, following Viral Infection

There has been some articles in the mainstream media about the loss of smell, as a long-lasting effect of having suffered with Covid 19. One in 5 people report that their sense of smell came back within 8 weeks, and 90% had returned within 6 months, but for others it lasts longer. Some have reported their sense of smell has been impaired for a year or more, and given that covid 19 has only been diagnosed in the past 2 years, and that anosmia was not an identified symptom initially, I wonder if theirs will not return without some help.

The is some suggestion that re-training your olfactory system, that's your smelling organs, can bring back the sense of smell quicker. A study from the Virginia Commonwealth University issued a report that said that "smell training using essential oils may help".

A report from the University of East Anglia backed this up by saying that "smell training could be beneficial". They suggested sniffing 4 different smells, for 20 seconds a time, twice a day. The aim is to help recovery based on neuro-plasticity, which allows the brain to retrain itself, to compensate for the damaged pathways.

Essential oils were the substance of choice over steroids, according to the University of East Anglia. Steroids are associated with many side effects, and essential oils were considered a safer and cheaper option.

The suggestion was that 4 different aromas should be chosen, a variety of "pungency"

I have put together a pack of four carefully chosen essential oils, to help you, or someone you know who are lost their sense of smell after a viral infection.

My choice are Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rose Geranium. My recommendation is to sniff Eucalyptus and peppermint first, as they are the most pungent, followed by lemon and rose geranium. Purchase on this link

I would also recommend putting them in your shampoo. This way the oils are adsorbed via the scalp and enter the