Magical Mystical Myrrh.

Magical mystical Myrrh, an essential oil that has it roots in antiquity. Most of us will recall it as one of the three gifts that the three Wise Magi bought to the baby Jesus. it's properties span all of the realms physical emotional and spiritual. It is one of the Sacred oils covered in the Connecting INtimately to the Divine course.

Myrrh is obtained from a shrub which is native to North Africa, Asia and Somalia. When the bark is cut, the gum resin exudes as a yellowish- white fluid which dries into reddish-brown lumps from which the essential oil is distilled. Goats like to munch on the leaves and resin beads are often found in their beards.

In ancient Egypt, Myrrh would be burnt daily in their rituals, as well as being used in their mummification process,  In Biblical references we have the purification of women using it. Greek soldiers took a phial into battle, as it's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties would help them tend to their wounds. It was both at the birth of Christ and at his death when it was handed to him mixed with wine.

Physically it works well on chesty conditions, especially if there is excess mucus in the lungs, that need "drying" up. Lung complaints such as bronchitis, colds, sore throats, coughs especially if they sound "wet". It is excellent in all mouth and gum disorders. It may also help with bad breath due to abnormal gastric fermentation. A tonic to the stomach and gut, easing flatulence acidity and stimulates appetitie.

It is said to stimulate white blood cells and invigorate the immune system. having an antimicrobe effect it assists in the recovery of many diseases.

Emotionally it lifts the spirits when feeling low or apathetic. If you are lacking incentive (let's be honest who isn't in 2022?) it can be the proverbial kick that you need.

in the sacred sphere, Myrrh teaches us to practice wisdom and forgiveness. It was used as incense during funerals and cremations in Europe until the 15th century. It is the holy oil used in the Eastern Orthodox Church traditionally used in administering the sacraments.
Our gifts of the spirit become clear to us when we work with Myrrh. We can become a channel by which the whole of humanity can be lifted up to higher levels of consciousness. It enables us to serve from the heart.  It helps with memories from the past, helping us to look at them and release them and replace them with forgiveness.

They are several small studies done mainly on rats to show the effect of Myrrh in several instances. Links below.

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