Myrtle the Protector

Yesterday's Tuesday Teaser was not an easy one because this essential oil is not a regular one on the list of oils that people use, despite the plant having a long history of being a symbol of  love and immortality for the Greeks, hence it's inclusion in wedding bouquets and head-dresses today. The plant is also mentioned in the Bible in connection to peace. (who doesn't want more of that at the mo?)

So the essential oil that is used for protection is Myrtle, Myrtus communis which is distilled from the leaves of the bush. Is has a fresh, slightly sweet, penetrating aroma. It has similar properties to Eucalyptus but it is more sedative in nature, so is helpful at night, whereas eucalyptus tends to be stimulating.

My go to reference book "The Directory of Essential Oils" by Wanda Sellar says that Myrtle could "help to loosen general congestion of the pelvic organs, and said to be a tonic to the womb". I have a client or two that might be interested in that!

My introduction to this essential oil of Myrtle was through Felicity Warner, who introduced it as a "gatekeeper" oil. It plays a special role in aiding us to gain access to other realms and realities. It will keep us safe from entering areas that we are not yet prepared for, using this oil will protect us from encountering things that we are not yet ready for. It enhances intuition and can boost psychic abilities.

Where do you go in your dreams? Do you find yourself going somewhere that you'd rather not. Myrtle could keep you in places that you find more pleasant to deal with, and save you going to places that you're not yet spiritually developed for yet. This is why I have chosen the essential oil of Myrtle as the first oil on the Connecting INtimately with the Divine course. We will give you an oil and tools to start to go deeper on your spiritual journey.

If you would like to know more about this course, then please contact me via email on or you can get in touch via facebook via my page @alignedwithjoy
The course starts on January 30th, less than 3 weeks time.

If you would like to secure a spot on this course there are 2 ways of doing so. You could sign up for the whole 12 sessions or purchase 1 session at a time. There is the option to purchase the essential oil too if you chose the sessions monthly. If you prefer to purchase the whole 12 sessions then we will be in touch via email about how you can purchase either the 12 oils or just the ones you need.