New Moon, New Year, New Launch

Jan 2nd 2022 saw the first new moon of the year. For several months now I have been working with a Sacred oil for a complete lunar month, and this new moon was a repeat exercise. I have a list of 12 essential oils which are considered sacred and I am working my way through them, developing my Spirituality and Soul Journey. This month is the turn of Frankincense, quite apt seeing that the 6th January falls in this time period, when we celebrate the Magi bringing gifts to the baby Jesus, including Frankincense. As part of my ritual, I also pull three cards from the Starseed Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell.The intention is to choose a card for Now, the short term and longer term, of the month. I am so excited to share with you what the first card showed:

It was the "Big Picture Thinking" card. Now there is probably some copyright legal stuff here, so I will sumarise what the card means: No matter how old you are, you can still learn new things. It suggests that I hold a new vision for the planet. So confirmation that my imminent course on Connecting INtimiately with the Divine using Essential Oils is right n time and needed. The card calls me to birth a new age, dream a new world into being. Sounds awesome and something that my new course could be instrumental in. What would that world look like to you?

The card also tells me not to worry about what others think. That's good because I can get very cold feet when I listen to what other people think of my ideas. But with God by my side, I know that it will be a success. Those who are called to be with me on my journey will be alongside me.

Launching 5th January 2022 "Connecting INtimately with the Divine using Essential OIls"