Shamanic Practitioner Training

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At the end of October 2023 I started my Shamanic Practitioner training with Giada Gaslini in Edinburgh. I have always been drawn to the natural world, and had a fascination with witch doctors and medicine women, when I was a child, reading with avarice the rituals that went on in their cultures. People being taken to witch doctors to heal them, reading about the herbs that were used in practice, pipes smoked in teepees. it all seemed so intriguing and right to me. Watching films where indigenous people's were slaughtered, made my empath cringe at the cruel ways these cultures were treated, how they were misunderstood by the culture I found myself in. But in 1980 I had no idea about how to learn about these ways, so I went off to do my nurse training at 19 and  those articles that I had read in the encylopedia as a child, remained hidden, in the darkness of my Soul. Now they are beginning to sprout and come to the surface.

One of the tools of the Shaman is to "journey" which is a form of meditation, or trance, where a specific question is asked, to which you would like an answer.

On the first weekend we journeyed to receive a name for another practitioner in training, and someone journeyed to receive a name for me.

I am proud to announce that my Shamanic name is "Healer of the Light and Shadow"

It seems very appropriate to me, given that I have done so much work on healing my own shadow side, left to me by the act that happened at the moment of my birth.

In the words of Gabor Mate, "Trauma doesn't only happen when bad things happen, trauma happens when the good things that were meant to happen, didn't" How true that was for me.

My training is an experiential one, and when the time is right, I shall be looking to share my new found skills and knowledge with others, so if you are willing to help me with my studies, then please get in touch. I am based in Ayr so ideally it would be in person to start with before I offer remote work.


Joy aka Healer of the Light and Shadow of the Clan of the Sacred Rose

Shamanic log1png