Shamanic Snowplay

The last weekend in November saw me attending the second weekend in my Shamanic Practitioner training, and the subject was "story telling". So what is my story? How is Shamanism going to help me deal with my story.

One of the exercises was a journey to create a mandala of our own personal story, and we were asked to re-imagine the sense of joy when you played as a young child. What came through for me was "Abandoned children don't play, they survive" I did play obviously, but that "wild abandonment of getting lost in play" sensation is not something that an abandoned child does. They are too busy checking out the environment and checking that all is safe to get lost in play and imagination.

Friday night going into Saturday morning we had snow and so i decided to carpe diem and go out onto the slope behind our house and slide down on a tin tray. Here's the evidence. I managed to get my husband to get some video footage as well, and you can hear the laughter as I slid down the small slope on a tin tray not much bigger than my derriere.


Journeying today I have been told that I need to do more playful things, so watch this space as I learn to be playful.

Blessings from Healer of the Light and Shadow of the Clan of the Sacred Rose.