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Connecting INtimately to the Divine using Sacred and Precious Essential Oils

Following events in 2020 and having more time to meditate, I channelled the course Connecting INtimately to the Divine as a way of helping people connect to the power of the collective consciousness and help them raise the energy and vibration of the planet.

Spending Time with Sandalwood

This month we are focussing on listening and I would encourage you to spend some time in silence at least once during this time. Start small if you need to, 5 minutes, and build it up. If you have others around you, let them know what you are doing. Once you are in your "silent time" how do they respond? Challenge yourself to be with others in your silent time. That may sound odd to be around others when you want silence, and may not be something you can do at this stage, but it may be something to think about. By silence I mean silence on all levels. No mobile, no books, just sit in silence and see what comes up for you. Are you comfortable with it? Where are you uncomfortable? What do you want to try and distract yourself with?

Would love to know how you find it when we get together.

Invocation to Sandalwood

Below is the Invocation to the Sacred Oil of Sandalwood. Use daily in the morning whilst applying the oil mix to the hands, the throat, over the heart, or wherever you feel drawn to place it. After this spend a few minutes journalling or creating in your chosen method. Blessings Joy

Sandalwood Invocation.pdf

Preparing your Mix

Below is the resource explaining how to prepare your Sacred Oil Mix. Just hit download and it should download onto your device.
Any issues please email me on the address that you receive from me. Blessings Joy

Preparing your Oil(1).pdf

Daily and Weekly Practice

The download below will help you to use the resources in your daily Sacred practice. It is a suggestion. Do what feels right for you and enjoy the revealing that occurs. Blessings Joy

Resource Ideas.pdf

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or queries please send me an email using the box below to send your message. Please be aware that I am in clinic Mon - Fri 10-6 pm and messages will be answered when I can view them and give them my full attention. Blessings Joy