At the beginning of June 2023 I attended the 2nd Better Way Conference in Bath where I got to hear about the amazing work of Rory Duff. I have now signed up to do level 1 dowsing course in August 2023 and hope to bring you more news about this as soon as I have been. Watch this space as they say.

Well the weekend to go to Bath and do Rory's Level 1 Dowsing is upon us. We have an 8 hour journey ahead of us, but we are prepared to set off tomorrow morning after breakfast and head down to the West Country. I have been using a pendulum in my work and personally for 30 years, so I have some experience, but my husband doesn't, so I tried to give him a few tips last week and gave him one of my spare pendulums to practice with. I am not sure that he has!

Pictures and write up coming soon!

Sacred Network

Rory Duff has set up a website where like minded people can connect. The aim is to have people praying and meditating all around the world, on the nodes of the energy lines. You can learn more on this link